zac vanessa pda Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens commit PDA crimes in Hawaii, we're okay with itPublic displays of affection are usually unacceptable. They make those of us who are single feel gross and lonely. Also depending on the degree of affection publicly displayed, they occasionally make us nauseated, which really gets in the way when we’re trying to eat our gross lonely feelings by way of a solo frozen yogurt trip.

There are only two exceptions to the no-PDA rule.

1. If you are Taylor Swift. We’re fascinated by your love life because next year we’re going to be singing along to it in our car on our way to the fro-yo shop (alone).

2. If you are Zac Efron and/or Vanessa Hudgens.

Why are Zefron and Baby V exempt from PDA-related scorn? Because they give us hope that true love exists outside of Disney fairy tales. (We’re going to pointedly ignore the fact that technically, they kind of are a Disney fairy tale.)

Zac Efron is likely at the peak of his hotness. He’s moved past that “High School Musical” baby-faced thing and has found himself a nice little niche in the movie world, with indie cred (“Me and Orson Welles”) and the occasional tearjerker which requires him to take off his wetsuit in front of a camera for no apparent reason (“Charlie St. Cloud”). Pretty soon Justin Bieber will, tragically, usurp Efron’s throne, but for now, he’s riding the crest of heartthrobbery.

So, technically, now would be the time to dump his longtime girlfriend to sow his wild oats or whatever. Yet, Efron remains committed to his “High School” sweetheart come hell, high water, or unfortunate leaked photographs.

We like that. It gives us something to smile about. So go forth and PDA your hearts out, Zanessa. We’ll just be here, watching creepily thanks to TMZ’s Hawaiian photogs and our regrettable abundance of free time.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie