zac efron jimmy kimmel bra removal abc Zac Efron crushes Jimmy Kimmel in bra removal contestIt should probably come as no surprise, but actor Zac Efron is pretty skilled when it comes to taking off women’s clothes. The dashing young actor, who has bragged about his bra removal deftness in the past, put his skills to the test during a visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday (April 16).

Kimmel set up a competition where he was pitted against Efron in a speed bra removal contest.

“You are accomplished, I don’t know how you learned to do this, but at taking women’s bras off,” Kimmel says. “I also am pretty good at this, not from experience. I don’t know why I’m good at this.”

The only thing that was slightly different for Efron (and presumably Kimmel) was they had to remove the undergarment from Guillermo, the show security guard, and a Guillermo look alike. Efron won with a commanding time of 13.8 seconds. Kimmel lagged at 37.6 seconds.

Here’s the video. The competition starts at about 2:30 in.

Zj*w Zac Efron crushes Jimmy Kimmel in bra removal contest

Posted by:David Eckstein