Zac Efron gets dirty for new John John Denim ad campaign

Don’t let those questioning eyes and that welcoming hand fool you: This isn’t Zac Efron wooing you into the back of his pickup (if only!). This is Zac Efron telling you to buy your man a pair of new John John Denim jeans.
By the looks of it, how can you resist?
Shot amidst Los Angeles streets by photographer Jacques Dequeker with styling by Jenny Richter and Felipe Veloso, the Brazilian fashion house’s ad campaign looks to be quite promising. Efron’s already got us hooked, and it didn’t take very long.
And to think Efron once starred on “High School Musical.
Zac will be guest starring on the 43rd season of “Sesame Street” along with fellow celebs David Beckham, Kristen Bell, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Posted by:Teny Akay