zac efron maui getty Zac Efron's new 'Charlie St. Cloud' trailer looks really, really awesomeWe have a confession to make. We love Zac Efron. And not just because he looks great with his shirt off, which he does. (Before you ask – he’s 22. We checked. Back off, Chris Hansen; we do not need to have a seat.)

We actually think Zac Efron is one of the most talented actors in his age group (which is 22, in case we forgot to mention that). Sure, he’s got Disney roots and he had Bieber bangs when Bieber was still a busker, and he’ll probably never live down that scene from “High School Musical 2” where he sings about his angst while dancing and running around a golf course.

But the guy is good, okay? Seriously. His performance in “17 Again” was reminiscent of Michael J. Fox in his 1980’s heyday – great chemistry with everyone, fearless physical comedy and impeccable comedic timing, and some serious sex appeal. (Okay, maybe Michael J. Fox didn’t have the sex appeal, so much… but he could lip-sync a mean “Johnny B. Goode.”)]]>“Charlie St. Cloud” hits theaters on July 30, and after watching the latest trailer, we can’t wait. We want to cry already, and there’s only two and a half minutes of footage here. Zac is believable as the grief-stricken, possibly delusional Charlie, whose beloved little brother Sam died in an accident… but still comes back to play ball with Charlie. Forget about “Eclipse”… we’d totally camp out to see this one opening night. We’d probably be pretty lonely, and/or surrounded by 12-year-olds, but still.

So we’re going on the record: Zac Efron is awesome. And also super hot.
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie