zachary quinto gay gi Zachary Quinto came out as gay to combat teen suicides

When Zachary Quinto came out as gay in Oct. 2011, he said he did so because he felt “there’s still so much work to be done” in the gay community. His public admission of his homosexuality inspired others to do the same, and Quinto now says that he wanted to do whatever was in his power to make others feel safe coming out.

“It was obviously a very big deal,” Quinto tells Reuters. “It wasn’t about formality or stopping rumors because I don’t really pay attention to rumors in the first place. It was a very specific move that I made because there was a rash of teen suicides at the time [the victims were gay].”

When asked how those suicides relate to him, Quinto explains, “I felt it incumbent upon me to do something about that if it was in my power, which is was. So for me that was a very specific and emotional time. I felt very grateful for the response that it generated and the work on behalf of the LGBT community it has allowed me to do subsequently.” He concludes that coming out has not hindered his career at all.

Quinto’s explanation sounds a lot like why Angelina Jolie says she publicly shared the story of her recent double mastectomy. It’s always refreshing to see Hollywood’s elite use their power of celebrity for good and to be good examples for those who admire them.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz