zachary quinto getty Zachary Quinto on coming out as gay: 'I felt like it was my time'Shortly after coming out as gay, Zachary Quinto is doing press for his upcoming film “Margin Call,” and sure enough… he’s getting lots of questions about his decision to discuss his sexual orientation after years of keeping mum on the subject.

He tells Access Hollywood, “I just felt like it was my time, you know? I felt like it was a week of declarations for me. I’m declaring that I’m gay, I’m declaring that I want to be a serious contributor to the dialogues that are happening in the world right now. The way that I can do that is creatively.”

“Margin Call” is coming out at a particularly opportune moment given its Wall Street themes and the current Occupy Wallstreet protests going on. “I’m releasing this movie right now that I’m enormously proud of,” Quinto says. “It’s a time of real celebration for me. I wanted to frame that acknowledgment with really good energy and a lot of support, which I already had, and now I have even more of.”

He isn’t thinking about whether his declaration will inspire other actors to come out. “Other actors are not my concern,” he says. “That’s their life and that’s their journey. Everybody has to get to a point in their own time in their own way. The thing that I’m most proud of in this entire situation is that’s exactly how I did this. It was on my terms, in my own words, and I’m really grateful for that.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie