Walter-Judy-Koenig-Andrew-Mising-Larry-King-Live-500.jpgLast night (Wed. 2/24), Walter and Judy Levitt Koenig, the parents of missing “Growing Pains” actor Andrew Koenig, walked out on “Larry King Live,” leaving the host dumbfounded as to why.

Media and fans speculated that the couple had heard some news about their son that required immediate attention to the possibility that Larry King had somehow offended them.

Danielle Koenig, Andrew’s sister, says it’s the latter.

]]> tells Zap2it exclusively. “When he realized there were only four-and-a-half minutes left, he didn’t feel that was enough time to do my brother justice. So, he left.” After the couple left, Larry King announced live on the show that they were prepped to go on and seemed ready, then abruptly “got up and left for reasons unknown.” Afterward, he tweeted, “Still not sure what happened with the Koenigs. I talked to them in the break and told them they were on next. Then they left…” Well, Larry, now you know. Andrew Koenig missing 275 Andrew Koenig's parents left frustrated with 'Larry King Live,' says sisterDanielle Koenig didn’t tell us whether her parents are rescheduling with “Larry King Live” or not. If they do, Larry, take care of them this time. The hunt for Andrew Koenig continues. As of today (Thu. 2/25), it has been 11 days since friends last saw him on Valentine’s Day. Friends and family have reported that the actor had been suffering from severe depression.

Andrew Koenig played Richard “Boner” Stabone on “Growing Pains” for four seasons. He is white, 5’5″ tall, 135 lbs., with long, brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.

If you’ve seen Andrew since Sun. Feb. 14 or have information about his whereabouts, The Vancouver Police Department asks that you call 911. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter, @TheRealJethro on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz. Related: Andrew Koenig’s parents walk out on ‘Larry King Live’
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‘Growing Pains’ star Andrew Koenig missing, confirms sister [Updated]] Photo credit: Getty Images / Cawley Entertainment Company / Retro Film Studios

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