dig key art exclusive usa Zap2it First: 'Dig' into USA's mystery series with new key art

There’s a mystery brewing on USA and Zap2it has an exclusive first look at the key art for their new series, “Dig,” premiering March 5. 
The series stars Jason Isaacs (“Awake”) as FBI agent Peter Connelly who gets an assignment in Jerusalem to try and escape the tragedy of his daughter’s death back home. However, when a young American is murdered in the religious city, Connelly and his team are thrown into a conspiracy thousands of years in the making. The series will follow the mystery as Connelly begins to unravel the city’s darkest secrets. 
Check out the key art posters that will start popping up Jan. 12 below. 
Intrigued? You can also check out the promo for “Dig” below, featuring Isaacs and co-star Anne Heche. 
Still have a bunch of questions? You’ll have to tune in to USA on March 5 to get your answers. 
Posted by:Megan Vick