mad men season 7b stan ted Zap2it First: 'Mad Men's' Stan and Ted discuss getting naked and other memorable moments

With “Mad Men” wrapped and the final episodes on the horizon, the cast is looking back on some of the show’s standout moments. Like the time Jay R. Ferguson had to strip down for a scene — in his first week working on the show.
“That’s got to be at the top of the list, especially considering the fact that I didn’t know anybody on the show, Ferguson, who plays Stan Rizzo, says in this interview, which you’re seeing first on Zap2it (along with the photo at the top of the post). “… I was already terrified just because I knew how big the show was, and it’s my like my first or second day at work, and we had to shoot that scene. It was the epitome of uncomfortable.”

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Things worked out OK: Stan became an integral part of “Mad Men,” and Ferguson calls the show “the best thing that ever happened to me.”
Kevin Rahm (Ted Chaough) has similar good feelings about the show, praising its measured pace and the way it “allowed things to unfold” over multiple episodes and sometimes seasons (or not at all). He also discusses Ted’s relationship with Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and nominates as his favorite moment the scene in which Ted and Don (Jon Hamm) decide to join forces to go after the Chevy account: “To be able to play a scene out that goes on that long, and to find the nuances of that … and get to work with someone that talented is very exciting.” 

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“Mad Men’s” final run begins Sunday, April 5 on AMC.

Posted by:Rick Porter