Uh oh, it seems that the impeding storm of skeletons is already starting to blow into “The Real World” house, and Violetta is already expressing her extreme displeasure at the idea. 
In Zap2it‘s exclusive clip from the Dec. 23 episode, Violetta gets a call from her girlfriend back home informing her that her arch-nemesis Jessica has been telling people that she is moving into the house in a few weeks. There is clearly some bad blood between these two when Violetta reacts to the news by saying “Jessica is one of those people that is a conniving f***ing whore who will literally do anything to piss me off. If we’re in the same headquarters for more than 24 hours, there will be a murder in this house.” 
Violetta of course wastes no time going to tell her roommates the news. They try their best to assure her that no matter who comes in they have her back because they are the original seven in the house — but one has to wonder if each of them are starting to wonder who is coming to knock on the door for them? 
Since MTV also shows interview footage of Jessica, it seems pretty likely that this battle is about to come to a head soon. While both girls attest to not liking each other (OK, straight up hating each other), neither of them gives a specific reason why. It’s just general name-calling, which will make for awesome fights later, but the skeleton in this situation may be what put these two at odds in the first place. 
The skeletons are coming. Watch “The Real World: Skeletons” Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.  
Posted by:Megan Vick