large chasing life key art season 1b Zap2it First: Why is April crying in the 'Chasing Life' winter premiere key art?There’s good news and bad news, “Chasing Life” fans. The good news is Zap2it is exclusively debuting the key art for Season 1b, which returns in just a few short weeks. The bad news is that April (Italia Ricci) is crying in the poster, which may foreshadow a sad outcome to Leo’s (Scott Michael Foster) brain tumor surgery.

But everyone is mum on the subject of Leo, so we’ll all just have to wait and see. To tide us over, ABC Family has also released the description “Next April,” the winter premiere episode:

After leaving Leo flat lining at the end of the Christmas episode, April must deal with the outcome of the surgery. Facing her new reality, she must also face her first day back at work after being gone for four months. In remission and determined to move on with her life, her return reveals a new, young and ambitious boss at the paper who is ready to shake things up. But April’s attempt to make a good impression may fall short when she botches her first assignment.

Meanwhile with an ideal marrow donor still to be found, Sara realizes it’s time to reach out to the “other woman,” Natalie’s mother. Brenna eagerly anticipates Greer’s return to school but will she get the happy reunion she’s been waiting for?

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“Chasing Life” EP Patrick Sean Smith tells Zap2it that the appearance of Natalie’s mother is going to bring up some ugly feelings for Sarah.

“There still needs to be a plan that if [April] relapses, she may need to have a bone marrow transplant. We established that Brenna is not a match, so that sends the Carver family to Natalie, which is what we explore in the premiere episode,” says Smith.

“In that same episode, we bring Natalie to Boston and she comes this time with her mother, so we meet the ‘other woman’ and we see how complicated it still is for Sarah. Despite the stakes of April’s health, just having to be around tihs woman that has brought her so much pain all this time. It starts to bring up some ugly stuff she’s not very proud of. It really brings her back to the original betrayal.”

“Chasing Life” returns Monday, Jan. 19, 2015 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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