one life to live kish kiss Zap2it readers weigh in on Brett Claywell and 'One Life to Live'When news broke that ABC was writing gay couple Kyle Lewis (Brett Claywell) and Oliver Fish (Scott Evans) off of “One Life to Live” due to poor viewer reception, fans mobilized, writing petitions, starting campaigns, and even planning a rally.

On Tuesday (March 16) Brett Claywell opened up to Zap2it about getting laid off by the network, his surprise at not being mentioned at the GLAAD Awards, and his continued fight as an ally to the gay community.

Some of his comments stirred up controversy with Zap2it readers.  Here are some of the choice responses.


E.: “Very classy interview, and too bad the show doesn’t have the guts to
pursue this story further. We need more representations of gay love in
all forms of entertainment, so more people can see there is NOTHING to
be afraid of.”

Larry: “Brett is from the South as am I and he is spot on. I am in Mississippi
and you know what we are going through now. This is Repuglican,
Talibangelist country. Whether he wrote the words or not, it was his
face and voice on the screen. What is wrong with some of you critics?
Brett and Scott will be missed.”

Lasha: “Brett is a classy guy and an amazing actor. I hope he wins an Emmy
and shoves it in OLTL’s executive producers’ faces. The manner of Brett
and Scott’s firing was disrespectful. I will not be watching OLTL after
Kish leaves the show.”

Jay: “I don’t think either of these actors or their characters deserve the
blame for low ratings. Look around ABC, the entire soap genre is losing
viewers. That is why CBS has canceled two soaps in the past two years.
OLTL has a history of being one of the most diverse soaps, so it is
especially disheartening to hear that most of the actors/characters
getting pink slips are minorities (gay, black, latino, etc.).”

Rick: “Another reason the soaps are headed for the dumpster! This is 2010,
not 1940. This fresh approach to relationships was too much for the
stale, contrived plots the soaps have been churning out for years. Next
step: OLTL cancellation.”

Not so much:

Izzy: “What an ego! All he did was read lines someone else wrote. Adios.”

Buh-bye: “Ultimately,
the storyline was as stilted as the actor’s brazen dismissal of all
things South. (It is ironic that one must rely on bigotry to make a
point about bigotry–and doing so is neither classy or articulate.)”

Middleman: “…The comments about the midwest and south were very unpleasant
surprises, and damage my respect for this actor. There are caring,
open-minded, and fair people everywhere, and there are bigoted and
hateful people everywhere. The superior attitude of some–emphasis
SOME–coast-dwellers is very off-putting, and, sorry, you don’t get a
pass because you “escaped” from the barbarian heartlands. And, just as
a P.S. – last time I checked same-sex marriages are recognized in Iowa.
What’s the holdup, California? New York?”

Bottomchef: “Claywell’s still implying that homophobia is the reason for kish’s
kibbosh. Whatevs. So where’s the complaint of racism since Daphnee
Duplaix was let go? She’s a person of color, so according to the mindset
of the Kish fans, that must be it. Claywell and the Kish fans need to
get over themselves.”

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