zap2it showdown banner 2015 Zap2it Social Media Showdown 2015: Vote in the Semifinals Round 5    the final four!

After several weeks of battle, the Zap2it Social Media Showdown is down to the final four. 
Thousands of people have voted and some fierce campaigns have been fought — we’re looking at you, Misha’s Minions and Outlanders — and now only four remain. 
Jensen Ackles swept the floor with Stephen Amell when it came to Facebook, and last year’s Tumblr champ Sleepyhead Orlando Jones and the web-savvy Felicia Day fought to see who ruled Tumblr. Day won just by a hair to be the Tumblr Queen, and Ian Somerhalder landed the title of Instagram King easily. 
But it was the battle for Twitter between Misha Collins and “Outlander’s” Sam Heughan that was epic. 
Collins vs. Heughan was insanely close, back and forth for days, with over 4 million votes cast in total. Yes, 4 million in 4 days. In the end, Misha pulled it out for the win. “Supernatural” fans are certainly a force to be reckoned with. 
The final four have been chosen and it is time to place your votes for your favorite social media powerhouse. 
You’re welcome to vote for your favorite stars more than once — but be aware! You may be put into a temporary “time out” if you go crazy with the polling app. We have no control over the time-outs! Just go get a cup of water and relax for a while, and then come back! Also, voting percentages only will be shown throughout the Showdown, until the final round when voting percentages will NOT be shown. So prepare for that voting round now.

Please be aware that BOTH sides are voting like crazy, so while individual votes ARE being counted, percentages won’t automatically go up with your votes! Thousands of people are voting at the same time for everyone!
Voting in Round 5 is now closed. VOTE IN THE FINAL ROUND NOW!

Posted by:Sarah Huggins