sound of music 320 Super Bowl Alternatives: From sinking ships to puppy flipsWhat will you watch Super Bowl Sunday in lieu of the big game?

For some, Super Bowl Sunday is observed with an intense religious fervor. Devout football fans will gather ’round the television this Sunday and study each play, using the instant-replay function on their TiVos no less than 100 times while hanging on the play-by-play announcer’s words like gospel.

Then there are those of you who just think the Saints and Colts are some kind of equestrian-minded religious organization. For the latter group, Zap2it has compiled a list of great alternatives to watching “Super Bowl XLIV” on CBS this Sunday. We tried to find a little something for everyone, so we’ve divided our suggestions up into five Zap2licious categories:


Instead of listening to the cacophony of screaming football fans, you can soothe your ears with the gentle “The Sound of Music” on ABC Family. For those of you in the mood to shed some tears over something other than a bad football play, sink into James Cameron’s pre-Avatar megahit, “Titanic,” on TBS.


If you’re not into football but still dig spectacular crashes, explosions and wipe outs off the field, tune into the “Destroyed in Seconds” marathon on the Discovery Channel to see some of the most shocking destructions captured on film. Thrill-seekers who prefer to take their risks on the road can check out the “Dangerous Drives” marathon on the SPEED Channel. If your adrenaline craving is more cinematic in nature, “The Matrix Revolutions” on ION Television can satisfy your appetite with action-packed fight scenes and impressive special effects.


“Oh, Ricky!” You’ll be hearing a lot of that if you find yourself on the Hallmark Channel this Sunday. “I Love Lucy” fans will want to make sure to check out classic episodes from the show’s fifth and sixth seasons, airing all Sunday afternoon and well into the night.


If you’re a fan of ABC’s Wednesday night lineup, tuning in this Sunday night could be a great option for you. The Alphabet Network will run heavy on episodes of their hit show, “Modern Family,” with a smattering of “The Middle” and “Cougar Town” thrown into the mix. NBC will re-broadcast the two-hour season premiere of its own heavyweight ratings contender, “The Biggest Loser,” while FOX airs two all-new episodes of “‘Til Death.”


Animal Planet’s Super Bowl alternative holds true to the football theme; they’ve just swiped out men in tights with adorable little puppies. Dog lovers will enjoy watching little fur balls take the field as they tumble and fumble their way into the end zone on “Puppy Bowl VI.”

If you plan to tune into a program other than the Super Bowl (or its commercials) this Sunday, what will you be watching?

— Christine Law, Special to Zap2it

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