harry connick jr american i Zap2it's Harry Connick Jr. as Simon Cowell's replacement campaign picks up speedWhen Zap2it viewed Harry Connick Jr. mentor the Season 9 “American Idol” contestants for Frank Sinatra week, we immediately thought he would make an excellent replacement for Simon Cowell when the prickly British judge leaves the show to launch the U.S. version of “The X Factor.”

Well, the idea is catching on! Harry Connick Jr. himself tells the Washington Post in regards to the “Idol” judging gig, “I’d consider it, but they haven’t asked me.” First off, it’s fantastic that he’d consider the job. Secondly, we aren’t surprised the show hasn’t asked him, since EW reports there will be no announcement of a replacement before the current season is over.

Past and present “American Idol” contestants are jumping on the Harry Connick Jr. bandwagon too. Season 6 finalist Melinda Doolittle tells Zap2it that she didn’t think anybody could replace Simon Cowell, but Harry “made a believer” out of her. Season 9 contestant Aaron “Yoda” Kelly also agrees Connick Jr. “would be a great replacement for Simon.”

During our chats backstage with the current “American Idol” contestants it seems to be unanimous that Connick Jr. was definitely their favorite mentor. Michael Lynche says he “set, like, an unreal bar” and Lee Dewyze agrees that “there’s no way you could touch that. He was just so involved in
every part of it.”

However the Idols do wonder if he’s too busy. Crystal Bowersox in particular worries that Harry Connick Jr. can’t judge because he knows that “true musicianship … isn’t really a competition — it’s about heart and soul.”

Mamasox makes a valid point, but we happen to think that’s exactly the reason why Harry Connick Jr. would make an excellent judge. He knows the business but is also a straight-up, immensely talented musician, singer and songwriter. Connick’s fully aware the show is a competition, but it’s also about heart and finding yourself as an artist. Perhaps his comments wouldn’t be as cutting as Simon’s, but his critiques may be more constructive criticism.

What’s the popular opinion of Zap2it’s State of the American Idol Union loyal democracy?

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