. The Red Robots spend the day cutting down bamboo into chopsticks. Cutting the bamboo? Not so hard. Carrying it? Pain in the bootay. Widdling it down to chopsticks? Even less fun.

When it comes down to elimination game time, it’s a 3-way stalemate in terms of deciding who goes in for the Red Robots. Megan’s strategy actually works, as the Green Tigers refuse to send her into the final game when breaking the tie. Wow, Megan’s apparently the frizzy-haired Jedi Knight of “I Survived a Japanese Game Show.” Which makes Dan Jar Jar, I guess. Jar Jar The Librarian and Justin strap on Velcro-laden suits and get ready to rumble.

Elimination Game:
“You Look Funny Stuck on Wall!”

The gist? The players jump onto a trampoline and try to land inside what look like chalk outlines from a murder scene. I’m serious. They look like chalk outlines from a murder scene. The player that can best mimic their own fake death four times wins. Why four? Because five would be too morbid. Clearly.

The outcome? Making the case against home schooling, Dan reveals that he’s never been on a trampoline before. Wow. After a few failed jumps, he starts to get the hang of things. But it’s not enough to make up the difference, as Justin wins his first elimination challenge, 4-1. Bye bye, Dan. Shrewsbury, MA turns its lonely eyes to you.

Choice quote? “I did a sticky wall in summer camp. I’m good,” Justin. Words fail.

Is Cathy still the clear favorite? Or have Megan’s machinations put her in the driver’s seat? Leave your thoughts below!


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Posted by:Ryan McGee