luka rocco magnotta montreal police Zombie apocalypse: Luka Rocco Magnotta arrested in BerlinThe 29-year-old Canadian porn actor accused accused of videotaping the murder of 33-year-old Lin Jun and mailing the victim’s body parts to the country’s political parties has been captured in Berlin.  

Canada’s the Globe and Mail reports that Capt. Guido Busch of the Berlin police confirmed Luka Rocco Magnotta’s arrest Monday (June 4).

“Police were called by a person from the internet cafe. Colleagues went to the cafe and arrested a person we are sure is Mr. Magnotta,” Busch says. “He is in jail and will go to a judge tomorrow. Our goal is to bring him to Canada as quickly as possible.”

Police say Lin, who reportedly dated Magnotta, was killed in Magnotta’s one-room flat the evening of May 24 to 25. His killing and dismemberment was filmed and posted online with viewers wondering for days if the video was real.

The horrific crime was one in a series of incidences recently that led some folks to think a zombie apocalypse is underway. It all seemed to start on May 26 when Rudy Eugene was shot and killed by a Miami police officer after eating almost the entirety of a homeless man’s face off. Then on Tuesday, Maryland college student Alexander Kinyua allegedly confessed to killing his roommate and eating his heart and brain.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper