kurt sutter gi Zombies vs. bikers: 'Sons of Anarchy's' Kurt Sutter weighs inWho would win in a throw down between zombies and bikers? When Zap2it caught up with “Sons of Anarchy” showrunner Kurt Sutter at PaleyFest on Wednesday (March 7), we asked him for his considered opinion.


Before “SoA,” Sutter cut his TV teeth working with Glen Mazzara on “The Shield.” Sutter went on to create, produce and star in “SoA” and Mazzara (eventually) took over the helm of AMC’s zombie-pocalypse drama, “The Walking Dead.” So it isn’t unreasonable that the two might possibly have debated these sorts of things.

Zap2it: So, have you and Glen Mazzara had the discussion about who would win a fight between bikers and zombies?

Kurt Sutter: Wow. No — I’ve never had the zombie biker conversation with him.

Zap2it: It’s time to go on record.

Kurt Sutter: You think so? Okay, I can deal with that. Now would my guys be fighting the zombies or the guys fighting the zombies? Because if we were fighting the guys fighting the zombies, we’d kick the living s*** out of them. The living dead, now that’s a different game.

Zap2it: Okay, then what about showrunner vs. showrunner?

Kurt Sutter: That’s obvious. Don’t make me say it.

‘Nuff said.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson