zsa zsa gabor vanity fair 2007.jpg Zsa Zsa Gabor mansion on the market for $15 mil. What about the lawn toilets?Zsa Zsa Gabor isn’t in the grave yet, but her Bel Air mansion is going on the market anyway.

]]>attention hungry husband previously stated he’d sell for $28 million to compensate for the expense of caring for the ailing 94-year-old actress. That is, of course, if it were his to sell. According to CNN, Prince Frederic von Anhalt earlier announced that he would like to cut back on the expenses of such a large home and its staff. He hopes to move into a condo with Gabor that is closer to the UCLA Medical Center, where she has already essentially made a home away from home. The Hungarian actress’ only child, Francesca Hilton, is questioning von Anhalt’s right to sell the home. Though her step-father has not allowed Hilton to see her mother for many months, she insists that Gabor would never opt to leave her home in exchange for a condo. Additionally, von Anhalt signed a prenuptial agreement 25 years ago which gives him no ownership over the property. This marriage is Gabor’s ninth. Reportedly the 67-year-old “royal” accessorized the beautiful property, built in 1955, with two porcelain toilets on the lawn. They faced a neighbor’s home, with which he had an apparent feud. No word on where the lawn toilets are today, as we imagine they may decrease the selling value a bit. So what does Gabor think of all this? Who knows! von Anhalt has been speaking on behalf of his poor wife for years as she’s suffered a laundry list of health issues.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci