zsa zsa gabor Will Zsa Zsa Gabor be California's next first lady? Dahling, please say noWill Zsa Zsa Gabor be California’s next first lady?
And you thought Maria Shriver — who has a penchant for breaking the law by driving while using her cell phone — was bad.
Zsa Zsa’s ninth husband, Prince Frederic von Anhalt, a German-born socialite with no political experience but countless hours in front of the TMZ cameras, announced his run for California governor this week. 
Von Anhalt, 65, held a news conference in West Hollywood and unveiled a billboard on Sunset Strip. It showed him dressed in a military-style coat adorned with questionable medals.
Von Anhalt is a fiscally conservative Republican who supports gay marriage rights, an amnesty for illegal immigrants and legalization of marijuana. Of course, he does. Cause he’s smoking something!


And he is confident he can fix what Arnold broke.
“Arnold is going to go, and California needs somebody new,” he told Reuters. “It took always a German to clean out the Austrian mess. That was always the case, and it will happen here also.”
Gabor, who turns 93 next month, was not at the news conference. But the Prince spoke highly of her
“My wife, when I married her 23 years ago, she was for me the first lady of California already, and now she gets the title officially,” he said.
The prince has not yet filed papers for his candidacy. And there is a nagging suspicion he may not. 
After all, he also claimed to have had a decade-long affair with Anna Nicole Smith and might be the father of her baby after the playmate died of a drug overdose.
Can you spell opportunist?  How about delusional?
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