david duchovny gillian anderson x files fox 10 things we say about The X Files revival after seeing the first episode

If you’ve not heard that “The X-Files” is coming back to TV, you must be hiding out in an internet-free zone somewhere. Paranoid much?

Zap2it was on hand at New York Comic Con for the first showing of “The X-Files” revival. Here are some non-spoilery teasers just to get your bearings before the January airing.

1. It will absolutely appease long-time fans. Entirely. All of the main actors are back, and they even use the same opening credit sequence. Goosebumps.

2. This is definitely Season 10, episode 1, but the story picks up in present time. A lot as gone on in the meantime — which will give creator Chris Carter plenty of stories to write. The characters have not been frozen, and we don’t know everything that’s happened.

3. The scope of the show has changed. In fact, it’s even bigger, to the delight of all the fans in the audience. There are bigger and better conspiracy theories in a post-9/11/Snowden/NSA world, and according to Carter, it’s a perfect time to be telling “X-Files” stories. “We needed to make a statement and be bold, and show that we’re back,” says Carter. “This time has given a lot of stuff for us to write about.”

4. Scully and Mulder, the original ship, have, as Carter says, “hit some bumps in the road.” But Mulder is a very intense man, and obviously the stress of being with him has worn on Scully in the last 13 years.

5. Joel McHale is in no way his goofy “Community” character or anything resembling anyone from “The Soup.” His character (Tad O’Malley) has an intensity that rivals Mulder’s.

6. Scully is working as a surgeon, and in a way, paying penance for her involvement with the “X-Files” by using her degree to help kids. Of course, there is a twist there too.

7. There’s a great line in the first meeting with Mulder and Skinner, and according to Carter and Mitch Pileggi during the panel, it was an improvised line on the spot.

8. The season will absolutely concentrate on the mythology of the show, but it will have several standalone episodes as well.

9. The Lone Gunmen will be back.

10. The Smoking Man is, of course, still smoking.

“The X-FIles” returns to TV on Sunday, January 24 on FOX.

Posted by:Kiley Thompson