In Hulu’s next step in their originals slate, comes the highly anticipated eight-part miniseries bases on Stephen King’s bestselling novel, “11.22.63.” James Franco stars as Jake Epping, a teacher in the present day who finds a way to travel back in time and does so with the mission of saving none other than John F. Kennedy.

If that sounds like an episode of “Quantum Leap,” the story takes a bunch of twists and turns as Epping is faced with multiple challenges, including the stubborn fact that the past doesn’t want to be changed.

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Aside from stepping in to stop the assassination that changed the face of American History, Epping finds another option and that is: take out Lee Harvey Oswald. Easier said than done.

“11.22.63” also stars Chris Cooper, Cherry Jones and Josh Duhamel. With J.J. Abrams on as executive producer of the program along side Mr. King himself, the limited series will begin its eight episodes on Feb. 15 on Hulu.

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