After a nail-biting second season — and a last minute Season 3 renewal that made us sigh with relief — we’re more confused than ever about what in the world is going to happen next on “12 Monkeys.”

We can’t even begin to speculate what The Witness and Cassie (Amanda Schull) & Cole (Aaron Stanford) will be up to in Season 3, so we’ve decided to look back on Season 2 for the Zap2it report card treatment. It should surprise no one that “12 Monkeys” is the nerdy over-achiever in the class, pulling almost straight As and perfectly answering every question we have.

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We hope they enjoy their summer vacation because we expect another season of honor roll storytelling next year.

Titan & The Witness — A+

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Finding out that Titan isn’t actually a place but a massive time machine was kind of mind-blowing, and to add a cherry on top, we finally learned The Witness is none other than Cassie & Cole’s child. In case you’re wondering, that is how you deliver an A+ season finale shocker.

Madeleine Stowe — A+


The cameo that Madeleine Stowe made as a primary named Lillian was possibly the coolest surprise ever. Any homage the show pays to the original movie is worthy of top marks in our book, but Madeleine Stowe in particular nailed the creepy/demented vibe and gave a chilling performance.

Jennifer’s Daughters — A


Jennifer (Emily Hampshire) herself passes with flying colors this year (“Hello egg, I’m chicken”), but getting to know her cult of followers, fondly known as the Daughters, was amazing to watch. Future Jennifer and her merry band of misfits dominated every episode they were in, and we love the idea of a roving band of warrior women withstanding the apocalypse.

Deacon & Cassie — A

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We’ve said it before, but this dynamic kicked butt in Season 2 in all the best ways. Their strangely romantic and antagonistic friendship hit all the right notes, and it gave so many new dimensions to both characters. We only wish they’d gotten one or two flashbacks to show us how it all happened.

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Emerson Hotel — A-

giphy6 12 Monkeys Season 2 report card gets nearly straight As

On top of creating an awesome new location for our characters to camp out in and call “home base” in the past, the Emerson Hotel was an incredibly cool bit of storytelling that took us back to the 1940s. Half the fun of time-traveling is seeing the same places and faces pop up again and again throughout the years.

Primaries — A-

giphy5 12 Monkeys Season 2 report card gets nearly straight As

The shift in direction from stopping the virus to stopping the death of primaries was jarring at first, but ultimately so worth it. Season 2 really doubled down on the time-traveling aspect of the show, and the death of Time is somehow an even more terrifying threat than an apocalyptic virus.

Messengers — C+

giphy 22 12 Monkeys Season 2 report card gets nearly straight As

We only give the Messengers a mediocre grade because we didn’t get nearly enough info on them! They moved the plot along beautifully, but who are they? What were their childhoods like? How did they prepare for and adapt to being stuck in various past decades? These are things we need to know! (This is our subtle pitch for a Messengers spinoff, by the way).

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