To anyone who's not a TV super fan, it's hard to explain exactly what "shipping" is, and how utterly life or death the stakes seem when the future happiness of your favorite fictional couple is on the line.

When your preferred ship does become canon, however, it's like a party that never stops.

2016 was gracious to shippers big and small, giving us 16 pretty epic romances, from couples that finally (FINALLY!) got together to a few new ships that seemed to come out of nowhere. It's time to count down all the epic hookups, engagements and first loves of the year, and toast to the ships that set sail in 2016.

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Barry & Iris ('The Flash')

babies westallen Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Shipping Barry and Iris feels like you're constantly walking on a tightrope, waiting for Barry (Grant Gustin) to time travel and accidentally erase the whole thing yet again. Luckily, "The Flash" seems content to let Barry and Iris stay together for now, figuring out the bizarre relationship politics of dating your foster sister. Now that they're moving in together, Barry and Iris' (Candice Patton) relationship is more solid and utterly adorable than ever before, and if he can just figure out a way to make sure she isn't brutally murdered in the future, they'll be golden.

Rick & Michonne ('The Walking Dead')

22 richonne 006 w529 h352 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Fans have wanted these two zombie-slayers together for years (and years and years and years), but Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) finally took the plunge in 2016. They've always had an easy partnership and a fierce protective love for one another -- and they would both happily die for Carl (Chandler Riggs) -- making them an easy couple to ship. We'll never be over the completely comfortable and smiley way these two up and decided it was time they became a thing.

Magnus & Alec ('Shadowhunters')

large Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

It was the kiss watched round the world when Alec (Matthew Daddario) walked away from his own wedding to finally lock lips with Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.). A shadowhunter and a warlock are their own special (read: amazing) brand of Romeo & Juliette, and if we had to pick the most epic ship of the year, they'd be pretty high up on the list. Here's hoping they've got more flirting and breathtaking kisses in their future.

Bonnie & Enzo ('The Vampire Diaries')

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"The Vampire Diaries," now in its 8th and final season, is a supernatural soap that’s always leaned heavy on love triangles and shocking hook-ups. However, the pairing of Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Enzo (Michael Malarkey) has brought new life to the series. Once these two were introduced, it was easy to get on board because finally, two of the show’s most loyal and tortured characters had someone worth pledging themselves to. The series only has a handful of episodes left, and of all the configurations of pairings the show has explored, this is the one that deserves a happy ending.

Darryl & ‘White Josh’ ('Crazy Ex-Girlfriend')

darryl bisexual Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

On a show built around the critique of romance and the ‘happily ever after’ narrative, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s pairing of White Josh (David Hull) and Darryl Whitefeather (Pete Gardner) has been done with the least amount of cynicism and snark. Their build up has been portrayed as one of joy, discovery, and patience. They are by far the healthiest and happiest couple on the show, recently exchanging 'I love you’s' and Darryl introducing his daughter to Josh. While this whimsical show never shy’s away from exposing the flaws of idealized romantic love, Darryl and White Josh deserve to fade out in technicolor.

Poussey & Brook ('Orange Is the New Black')

tumblr o916gembup1tht5i1o6 r1 540 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Season 4 of "Orange Is the New Black" gave us the show’s most playful and tragic couple to date. The relationship between Poussey (Samira Wiley) and Brook (Kimiko Glenn) brought out a beautiful side of both characters; Poussey got the girlfriend she had been longing for and Brook found somebody who would support and love her after her suicide attempt. Poussey’s devastating death at the end of Season 4 will affect many of the inmates, but fans dread the pain they will see Brook in come Season 5.

Laurel & Wes ('How to Get Away with Murder')

tumblr ofeipz3zog1vhjruso5 r1 500 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

When the law students on "How to Get Away with Murder" aren't hiding bodies or shooting people point blank, they're usually hooking up in a super sexy montage. Laurel (Karla Souza) and Wes (Alfred Enoch) shared one such montage this year, after dancing around the possibility of their relationship for a good, long while. Unfortunately, no happy ever after is in their future now that Wes is dead and Laurel has been left alone with what we assume is his unborn child.

Arizona & Eliza ('Grey's Anatomy')

tumblr ogthhtxu7f1re7y7wo3 500 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

We never thought we'd be able to get over Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona's (Jessica Capshaw) breakup on "Grey's Anatomy," but lo and behold, Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk ) appeared, and we saw the light. We can't figure out if their ship name is Elizona or Ariliza, but whatever it is, we are totally on board this too cute ship and all the adorable flirting we've seen so far.

Bruce & Selina ('Gotham')

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It's the romance everyone knew was going to happen eventually. After all, Batman and Catwoman are definitely an item in most versions of "Batman" canon. But watching young Bruce (David Mazouz) and Selina (Camren Bicondova) evolve from friendship to what is essentially puppy love has been a treat. Now watching them dance around defining their relationship is one of the true highlights of "Gotham" Season 3.

Bjorn & Torvi ('Vikings')

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Life and love on "Vikings" is never easy, especially when you're the son of Ragnar Lothbrook (Travis Fimmel). After his first wife left him  due to injuries she sustained in a raid, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) found love again -- with a wife of an enemy.  When that enemy sent his wife Torvi (Georgia Hirst) to kill Bjorn, she instead turned the crossbow on her husband, finally paving the way for she and Bjorn to be together forever in Viking-related bliss. Thank Valhalla!

Alex & Maggie ('Supergirl')

tumblr ofxxv81n841tmyav6o3 500 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

After Alex (Chyler Leigh) came out as gay on "Supergirl," Maggie wasn't exactly on board with dating someone who'd just discovered her own sexuality. Both girls threw caution to the wind, however, after a life or death situation made them realize that holding back on any relationship just isn't worth it when you could die at any moment. "Sanvers" is happily together these days, and they'd sure as heck better stay that way.

Fitz & Simmons ('Agents of SHIELD')

agents of shield 3x18 kissing more 230 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Best friends turned lovers is a tale as old as time, and we feel like we've been waiting forever for Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) to realize that they're perfect for each other on "Agents of SHIELD." After portals and planets and every villain imaginable tried to keep them apart, "FitzSimmons" finally decided to give their relationship a try. So far, they're doing beautifully.

Alex & Ryan ('Quantico')

alex ryan dancing quantico Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Alex (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) have been very on-again-off-again during the first two seasons of "Quantico," and we're still not totally sure where they stand as far as the time jumps are concerned. At the end of the day though, Ryan put that ring on her finger, and we fully expect to see these two make it down the aisle eventually.

Clarke & Lexa ('The 100')

tumblr o3n2t9gkd91sdkt0so1 500 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

We might have only gotten a brief glimpse of Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) together, but it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right? The "Clexa" ship is amazing in so many ways, but the thing we love most about them is that they always used their special bond to try to find peace between the Grounders and Sky People. Talk about a romance for the ages.

Blaine & Peyton ('iZombie')

giphy9 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Forbidden romances are always the best ones, right? Everyone wants to cheer for Peyton (Aly Michalka) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) because why wouldn't you want her to end up with the good guy? Unfortunately for Ravi, it was hard to deny the utter heat she had with Blaine (David Anders), which led to them hooking up and Blaine having something of a purpose after his memory was wiped. It's unclear exactly where this relationship will go in the new season, but for us it's full steam ahead with Blaine and Peyton.

Cassie & Cole ('12 Monkeys')

tumblr oakauw46hk1u9lk3fo1 500 Ship em! 16 TV couples who finally got together in 2016

Has there ever been a cuter ship name than "Casserole?" We think not. Timelines and travelers and witnesses all conspired in completely crazy ways to get Cassie (Amanda Schull) and Cole (Aaron Stanford) together on "12 Monkeys," and Season 2 ended with a pretty epic love scene followed by a pretty epic cliffhanger. We'd probably be more excited about their baby-to-be if we didn't know he'd grow up to be the Witness.

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