parachuting queen elizabeth getty 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony: Danny Boyle brings Queen Elizabeth by helicopter and more crazinessThe 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony was helmed by Oscar-winning “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle, who is also known for “Trainspotting,” “28 Days Later” and “127 Hours.” And while this was an entirely different venue from those films, he put on quite a show.

The ceremony started with a timeline of various British eras, from a pastoral farm scene to the Industrial Revolution to the Beatles (notably absent — the American War of Independence). There were live animals, smokestacks, giant inflatable yellow submarines. Also, the Queen parachuted in by helicopter.

The production moved to arts and literature, with a musical journey through Britain’s history, a reading by J.K. Rowling and an appearance by a giant Voldemort puppet. And then David Beckham roared down the Thames in a speedboat with the Olympic torch.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tweets. And we have no doubt there will be a bunch more when the Opening Ceremony airs live in the U.S. starting at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT.

I’m embarrassed to be British already #olympicceremony — imi4n

Wonder if this history of Britain will have closing scenes of the banking scandal #olympicceremony — andywightman

A giant Thatcher puppets gonna stride in and kick all this down in a minute. #olympicceremony — DanielSandison

Basically, this is what happens if you throw MILLIONS of pounds at a school play. #OlympicCeremony — WelshDalaiLama

And now the Queen will lead us in a royal rendition of the Cha Cha Slide. #OlympicCeremony — gr4sshopp3r

Mr Bean does Chariots of Fire! This is beyond the comprehension of anyone outside Britain and I couldn’t give a rat’s a*** — Piers Morgan

JK Rowling just read the world a story. Bow to the real Queen. — Lord_Voldemort7

With the greatest respect to China – don’t think they have quite our musical back catalogue as a nation…. #olympicceremony — Piers Morgan

And for the ending, we’ll be burning One Direction at the stake! #OlympicCeremony — RickyHaywardX

David Beckham, like a boss. #olympicceremony — GQRecommends

All we need now is for Adele to run the 100 metre dash  — BriBryonTour

Stay tuned, because at the end of the #OlympicCeremony, Simon Cowell will be evaluating all the performances.  — Ismanhs

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