benedict cumberbatch olympics 2012 Olympics: The games commence with 'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbatch“Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch opened the 2012 Olympics with the best video no one in America saw.

Before Americans enjoyed NBC’s tape-delayed spectacle and pageantry of Danny Boyle‘s opening ceremonies, Britons were treated to the BBC’s live (imagine!), Bob Costas-free coverage.

Even better, their program launched with Cumberbatch narrating a short featurette celebrating London, “the beating heart of the nation.”

Interspersed with majestic footage documenting the city’s glorious and tragic history, Cumberbatch is shown hailing a cab to the Olympics stadium, where he salutes the city with a glorious exhortation:

“London is about to cry out with heart and soul.”

The thespian concludes with a cheeky wink to Sherlock Holmes’ — one of London’s most iconic figures — memorable line: “The game’s afoot.”

“Let the games commence,” Cumberbatch says, turning to the camera with grin.

Watch the video below, and let the swooning commence.

Posted by:dmoorhouse