“American Idol” winner Phillip Phillips once again seems to have struck gold with “Home,” as the single grabbed the number one slot on the all-genre iTunes chart on Wednesday and maintains a secure grasp on the top spot. Originally released on the heels of his “Idol” victory in May, the song suddenly has a second life that can be clearly attributed to NBC’s continued use of the tune throughout pre-taped Olympics segments and competitions.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the track sold 105,725 copies on iTunes from Monday to Wednesday, a 1,100-percent increase over the same period from the previous week.

“A couple days ago, I saw a lot of people tweeting, ‘Oh, it’s so cool ‘Home’ is being used in the Olympics!'” Phillips tells EW. “We don’t really get to watch much TV, man, with the concerts every night, but I wish I could have seen it. I really just found out through Twitter and my management texting me. I thought it was really awesome.”

The song, a wistful ballad about life on the road, now has a new video that seems sure to further add to the momentum. And the 21-year-old Georgia singer-songwriter says he’s amazed by the power of the Olympics coverage.

“Yeah, man, it’s unreal. Television is an amazing thing,” he marvels. “It’s a big promotion. People keep telling me what it’s done and everything, and I’m trying to keep up with it.”

?Phillips also reveals that the song’s newfound exposure is opening him up to a different group of potential fans. “Someone told me that yesterday. He said, ‘I didn’t know who you were,’ and he said he heard the song on gymnastics,” Phillips says. “It’s kind of cool that people like a song and they don’t recognize it from ‘American Idol’.”

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