sanya richards ross gold olympics 2012 Summer Olympics medal count: China regains the lead over the U.S.Over the weekend, the total medal count nearly doubled for the two countries atop the leaderboard, China and the United States. China retook the lead with a total of 61 medals, while the U.S. is hot on its heels with 60.

In the gold hardware department, China also retook the lead with 30 to the 28 for the U.S. Canada joins the ever-growing list of countries that have reached double digits in medals earned, while the total number of countries that have won at least one medal has jumped from 50 on Friday (Aug. 3) to 60 on Monday.

Our favorite U.S. medal over the weekend definitely goes to Sanya Richards-Ross (above), who earned gold for the U.S. in the women’s 400m sprint, an event the U.S. hasn’t won since 1984. Richards-Ross’ husband Aaron Ross of the NFL was there to cheer her on, receiving special permission from the Jacksonville Jaguars to fly to London for his wife’s big race.

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