TV in 2016 was crazy. There's really no other way to put it. With so many shows spread over so many networks, it's becoming increasingly easier to lose track of what's on and when to watch it. That said, with the rise in TV comeS more and more incredible moments that rise above the resT, creating truly special viewing experiences.

As we look back on the year -- and the thousands of hours of TV we've watched -- the Screener team has picked out the 16 most epic moments of 2016. These moments are exactly why we still love the small screen as much as we do. They define exactly what's so special about TV and demand to be shared. So enjoy! But we warned: This post and the video above contain spoilers from a variety of 2016 shows.

1. Supergirl teams up with Flash & Arrow on 'The Flash'

  • When: Season 3, episode 8 -- “Invasion!’'
  • Why is was so epic: When "Supergirl" moved to The CW, it was only a matter of time until a full-fledged crossover happened -- and when it did, it most certainly met the hype. Supergirl was a natural fit for the world of the Flash and Arrow, and proved to be an incredible asset to the team as they battled the Dominators. Plus it left us aching for more!

2. Negan makes a powerful opening statement on 'The Walking Dead'

  • When: Season 6, episode 16 -- "Last Day on Earth"
  • Why was it so epic: This was the moment "The Walking Dead" comic book fans had been waiting for. Negan is the most devious villain in the series and kills many fan favorite characters. And finally he was coming to the show. When he arrived it took almost no time at all -- if you forgive the break between seasons -- before he killed two beloved faces, ushering in a new era of "The Walking Dead."

3. Simon sacrifices himself on 'Quantico'

  • When: Season 1, episode 22 -- "Yes"
  • Why it was so epic: After a season of back and forth about who was a terrorist and who was not, Simon decided to sacrifice himself to save his friends. We don’t think we’ll ever get over his teary goodbye call to Alex as he drove that bomb into the lake.

4. 'Game of Thrones' takes war to the next level: The Battle of the Bastards

  • When: Season 6 episode 9 -- "Battle of the Bastards"
  • Why it was so epic: “Game of Thrones” has had some seriously epic fight scenes over the years, but it somehow always manages to top itself. Battle of the Bastards was a huge battle will undoubtedly go down in TV history.

5. Klaus & Caroline's 'The Vampire Diaries' crossover phone call

  • When: Season 7, episode 14 -- "Fool Me Once"
  • Why it was so epic: Klaus and Caroline might be on different shows now, but that only makes scenes between them all the more amazing. After a two-season Klaroline drought, we pretty much adored the phone call that reunited these two, even if only for a brief moment.

6. Claire realizes she can go back to Jamie on 'Outlander'

  • When: Season 2, episode 13 -- "Dragonfly in Amber"
  • Why it was so epic: Viewers knew from the Season 2 premiere that Claire ended up back in 1947 with Frank. They later found out that she stayed with him for 20 years, raising Jamie’s daughter Brianna with her 20th-century husband, finally saying goodbye to Jamie at the Culloden battleground 200 years later. So it was an epic reveal when Roger Wakefield finds out that Jamie survived Culloden -- and Claire can return to him in the 18th century.

7. Marcia’s new ‘do on 'People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story'

  • When: Season 1 episode 6 -- "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"
  • Why it was so epic: In just one scene, Sarah Paulson gave one of the most nuanced, heartbreaking performances of 2016. As Marcia Clark, she goes from confidently walking into the courthouse with her new hairstyle, only to be brutally gawked at and commented on -- made all the more shattering punctuated by John Travolta’s perfectly delivered thumbs up. How many actors could have an Emmy reel only two minutes in length? Paulson's an American classic.

8. Alec Baldwin & Kate McKinnon’s first Trump/Clinton sketch on 'SNL'

  • When: Season 42, episode 1
  • Why it was so epic: Amid the circus that was 2016 campaign season, "Saturday Night Live" came out swinging with a parody of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The subject matter may be low-hanging fruit -- the jokes pretty much wrote themselves -- but the strength lies in Alec Baldwin’s rendition of Trump against Kate McKinnon’s mastery of her Clinton. We needed levity to offset the political chaos, and "SNL" delivered it in spades.

9. WWE reveals the Women's Championship at 'WrestleMania 32'

  • When: 'WrestleMania 32'
  • Why is was so epic: After years of mud wrestling and bikini competitions, WWE finally decided to take its women's wrestling seriously, rebranding the division and focusing on great wrestling matches, rather than scantily clad models rolling around in the ring. Girl power is alive and well in WWE.

10. Chuck records Jimmy’s admission of guilt on 'Better Call Saul'

  • When: Season 2, episode 10 -- "Klick"
  • Why it was so epic: Jimmy’s less-than-legal actions not only affected his brother’s health, putting him into a brief coma, his decisions to get ahead in the law business caused even more of a rift between himself and Chuck. But his older brother got the upper hand, faking a breakdown that caused Jimmy to admit to the forgery that put Chuck’s sanity in question to begin with -- and a big reveal in the episode’s final moments shows that Chuck got it all on tape. Is this the catalyst that turns Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman?

11. 'Bojack Horseman' goes to an underwater film festival

  • When: Season 3, episode 4 -- “Fish Out of Water”
  • Why it was so epic: We’ve seen Bojack screw many things up in his life -- but never have we seen him struggle with complicated relationships and life issues without ever saying a word. In “Fish Out of Water,” the program elevated the stakes to new poetic heights as we watched Bojack deal with his own self-destructive nature and mortality against the release of his biggest movie to date. And all through a classic animation lens, reminiscent of the cartoon days of yore where dialog was unnecessary to tell a poignant story.

12. 'Mr. Robot's' prison reveal

  • When: Season 2, episode 7 -- “eps2.5_h4ndshake.sme”
  • Why it was so epic: Up until this point, we were meant to believe Elliott had sequestered himself at home away from Darlene and the rest of his fsociety connections. But in a twist characteristic of the show and its influences, Elliott's narrative reliability becomes the missing keystone of the narrative: He was actually in prison, the homebound scenes, routine and experiences merely a complex hacking of his reality and ours. Leaving the audience in the dark about his true situation helped us to feel what Elliott was striving for: “To cloak our harsh reality with escapist comfort.”

13. Bernard Lowe is revealed as a 'Westworld' host

  • When: Season 1, episode 7 -- “Trompe L’Oeil”
  • Why it was so epic: This was a huge turn of events in the Westworld story and showed just how far Dr. Ford’s power reached. Yes, Theresa was the one stealing park secrets, but the way Dr. Ford handled the situation -- revealing Bernard’s true nature in the process -- was truly brutal. Not only did it show how far-reaching Ford’s powers were, it broke our connection with sympathetic everyman Bernard: The new narrative of self-discovery -- for Bernard, for Maeve; for Arnold's friend Dolores -- leads inexorably to apocalypse.

14. Angela Rance reveals she’s Regan MacNeil on 'The Exorcist'

  • When: Season 1, episode 5 -- “Chapter Five: Through My Most Grievous Fault”
  • Why it was so epic: Until this moment, “The Exorcist” had been presented as a new story with little connection to the original movie. But with Angela admitting she was really Regan MacNeil, the series suddenly made way more sense -- and opened up its demonic lore to take on a new and unexpected shape moving forward. If you ever wondered what happened to Regan after Pazuzu possessed her all those years ago, the FOX series finally presented an answer.

15. Kimmy’s PTSD comes to a head on 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

  • When: Season 2, episode 8 -- "Kimmy Is Bad At Math"
  • Why it was so epic: In “Kimmy Goes to a Hotel,” Kimmy’s bunker trauma comes to a head when she tries to have sex with Dong and ends up braining him with a phone -- not once, but twice -- when he tries to kiss her. Since the show is a comedy (and has class), it's always kept focus off the details of Kimmy's abuse -- while making them perfectly clear -- and that breakthrough in the Poconos is a big step forward, leading toward a hilariously complicated attempt at getting help throughout the rest of the season.

16. Noel Kahn loses his head on 'Pretty Little Liars'

  • When: Season 7, episode 10 -- "The Darkest Knight"
  • Why it was so epic: “PLL” has killed a lot of people over the years, but none with such spectacle as Noel Kahn. Noel was a nefarious character from the jump, always ready to play the role of MRA or sexual harrasser -- so it was only fitting that when the girls finally fought back, he fell on his own axe -- sending his head thumping down the stairs.
Posted by:Screener Staff