The 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards went down on Sunday (Jan. 10) and Hollywood besties, Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, took the stage to do ... something? J-Law and A-Schu enter with some pretty fierce model walks but things sorta devolve rather quickly into a confusing back and forth that is still somehow funny to watch.

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After trading celebrity couple names (Amy and all the Hemsworths?) and throwing quips to the audience -- seriously, please turn your phone off and stop taking pictures! -- the two sort of stumble through the jokes and humorous banter before finally introducing clips for their nominated movies "Trainwreck" and "Joy."

Queen Latifah's look of confusion pretty much sums up the overall reaction to the bit as it goes down but you can't fault these two. Some times, best friends just speak in a whole different language than the rest of us. Bask in the glory, people. Bask in the glory.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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