If you missed your shot to get a coveted “Hamilton” ticket, look no further than the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. The cast of Broadway’s hottest musical broadcast their opening number, “Alexander Hamilton,” live from the Richard Rogers Theatre in New York, and it brought down the house all the way across the country in Los Angeles.

The song introduces the lead character as well as his nemesis (and the show’s narrator) Aaron Burr. Spoiler alert, if you didn’t already know how Alexander Hamilton died, this song probably ruined it for you.

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At one point, the crowd nearly drowned out the song from cheering so long and loud at the iconic line, “My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

giphy4 Broadway rocks the Grammys with Lin Manuel Mirandas Hamilton

“Hamilton” is the brain child of MacArthur Genius Grant Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda. The rap musical tells the story of founding father Alexander Hamilton from boyhood to death with American Revolution and subsequent formation of the United States of America as its backdrop.

The musical unfolds as a brand new take on a story we’ve heard a hundred times before, featuring cabinet battles, tragic duels and secret love affairs in a mix of hip hop, R&B and rap battles, and the magic of this show has taken the public by storm.

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History buffs and musical theater fans aren’t the only ones fascinated by this musical though. Since “Hamilton” premiered on Broadway, the cast has performed for celebrities like Beyonce, Ben Stiller, Reese Witherspoon, President Obama, Amy Schumer and John Stamos.

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