Taylor Swift was up for seven awards at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards on Monday (Feb. 15) so the likelihood of her walking away with some new hardware was pretty good.

When the "Bad Blood" singer took to the stage to accept her well-deserved award for Album of the Year, without calling out any names (Kanye West, everyone is looking at you), Swift gave an inspiring and powerful speech to stay away from the haters.

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"As the first woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammys twice," Taylor says. "I want to say to all the young women out there -- there are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame."

She continues, "But if you just focus on the work and you don't let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. Thank you for this moment."

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In case you weren't aware, Kanye West’s new album, “The Life of Pablo,” features a song called “Famous,” in which the controversial rapper calls out Taylor Swift with lyrics that go as such: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b**** famous.”

Bravo, Taylor Swift. This top honor is well deserved, and even though it would've been easy to use this public opportunity to name call, the singer took the high road.

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