The honor of hosting the 25th annual MTV's Movie Awards was shared between blockbuster box office draws Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart. On paper, the "Central Intelligence" actors collaborating together looked like the set-up for a hilarious evening, but as soon as they took Warner Bros. lot stage in Burbank Ca., things fizzled as soon as the first applause died down.

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Pushing the WB branded movies, continually coming out in different superhero outfits, it was hard to focus on anything except for The Rock's' jockstrap. Underneath his baby blue Superman spandex, the People's Champion was wearing what looked like a large codpiece. Honestly, it was so glaringly large it was hard to not stare at his crotch the entire time.


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Of course, there were a few necessary height jokes. Johnson mentions Hart starring in "The Big Short" (he didn't) and Hart calls The Rock a "giant chocolate Shrek," which are both funny, albeit easy jokes. As the show progressed, neither Hart nor Johnson made that many more appearances -- except for maybe that awful rap performance about Leonardo DiCaprio and the bear.

Aside from that, their hosting duties were substituted with the elaborate live performances prefacing the movie first looks like that of "Captain America: Civil War," "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and "Suicide Squad."

Overall, Johnson and Hart fell victim to wanting to do too much. If only they had stuck with their simple, yet funny jabs at each other like they did at the top of the show, the comedic duo would've been a lot more entertaining to watch.

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