One of the strangest and yet most amazing hosting sketches from Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart at the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards was the rap interlude that focused pretty heavily on the fact that "Leo got fucked by a bear."

The rap goes through all the best movie twists of the the year, ending with the best of the best. The line is of course in reference to Leonardo DiCaprio's run in with a vicious bear in "The Revenant" and a few oddly sexual looking parts of that scene.

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Johnson and Hart took it a step further at the ceremony, accompanied by dancers dressed as bears and a few special guests from the audience.

Adam Devine stands up to participate, rapping, "I was eating pizza while taking a bath, when I heard he got fucked by the bear."

"Captain America's" Anthony Mackie claims he was with Tom Hardy, when he heard the news. Last but certainly not least, Rebel Wilson chimes in with her own bestiality joke. "Ironically I was fucking this bear, when I heard he got fucked by a bear."

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We're willing to bet that MTV is happy they have the new policy of taping the show before airing to allow the necessary editing and bleeping to occur during this sketch.

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