It's hard to upstage the insanely handsome and talented Chris Evans. The actor was in attendance at the 25th annual MTV Movie Awards. Yet, while he introduced an exclusive new "Captain America: Civil War" clip, the blonde girl standing in the crowd behind him stole the show. This woman was fan-girling so hard, and was so incredibly excited to be near this superhero actor, it was impossible not to stare at her the entire time.

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The smile on her face grows bigger and bigger as Evans' speech goes on. It's doubtful she even heard a word that he was even saying, as she appears close to orgasm by just being so close to this sexy man.

Evans spoke on stage for a mere 17 seconds. If his speech went on any longer, or if he took one step backwards, her brain might've exploded.

Bless her heart. By the end of her speech, her googley eyes were shining with tears.

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