“24” is no stranger to game-changers, and Monday’s (April 3) episode of “24: Legacy” takes off running, never slows down — and hit us with multiple jaw-droppers that will alter everything as we head into the season’s final two episodes.

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From the murder of Teri Bauer (Leslie Hope) at the hands of a rogue CTU agent, to President Logan’s (Gregory Itzin) involvement in his predecessor’s assassination, the show has always followed through on delivering the riveting goods… And this hour of “24: Legacy” stays right in that tradition.

Ibrahim Bin-Khalid is alive!

24 legacy raphael acloque fox The epic 24: Legacy episode that changes absolutely everything

The biggest shocker of “9:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.” comes in the form of Jadalla Bin-Khalid’s (Raphael Acloque) very alive father. This whole time, Jadalla, Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), the rest of the CTU gang — and pretty much all of America — have been operating under the impression that Carter’s Army Ranger troupe took out the terrorist mastermind.

After Asim Naseri (Oded Fehr) took Senator Donovan (Jimmy Smits) hostage in last week’s episode, the man we all thought was dead comes out from hiding, leaving his son a weeping mess. We did not see this coming!

Rebecca trades her life for her husband’s

24 legacy jimmy smits fox The epic 24: Legacy episode that changes absolutely everything

It doesn’t take long before Rebecca receives an ultimatum from Jadalla: Her life for her husband’s. After all, it was under her guidance as CTU Director that Eric’s team pursued the mission to end Bin-Khalid’s reign of terror –and while Rebecca does manage to persuade Bin-Khalid’s men to release her husband, her plan crumbles: Eric takes out Jadalla, but quickly loses sight of Rebecca as the place goes up in flames.

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The Director of National Intelligence is up to something

24 legacy james moses black The epic 24: Legacy episode that changes absolutely everything

“East July” are the only two words Security Officer Grant’s girlfriend remembers hearing when she was held captive by Nasiri’s men. Her boyfriend was killed in last week’s CTU attack, but she’s cognizant enough to give this tip to Andy (Dan Bucatinsky). The CTU analyst soon uncovers a very concerning lead: “East July” is the name of a classified folder connected to Donald Simms (James Moses Black) — the Director of National Intelligence.

Tony Almeida isn’t done with CTU just yet

24 legacy carlos bernard tony almeida 11 The epic 24: Legacy episode that changes absolutely everything

Just when we thought he was out, CTU pulled Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) right back in. Right as Rebecca goes on her rogue mission to take down Bin-Khalid, CTU Director Mullins (Teddy Sears) calls on Tony for assistance in tracking her location. He complies, without hesitation.

But what now? Through his time on “24: Legacy,” Tony Almeida hasn’t had a real chance to shine. Sure, his interrogation of Henry Donovan (Gerald McRaney) was a nice tease, but we want more. We took a quick look at the synopsis for next week’s episode, and it’s possible Almeida’s about to get the redemption he so desperately deserves:

“Andy uncovers important information about a high-ranking government official, leading Carter and Donovan to team up and find out more. Meanwhile, a reinforcement is brought into CTU to oversee operations.”

Could Tony Almeida be the reinforcement in question? Please let Tony Almeida be the reinforcement in question…

“24: Legacy” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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