Making Jane Krakowski look stunning is not difficult. Making the men of “30 Rock” look funny is.
Costume designer Tom Broecker, who has been with “30 Rock” since the beginning, succeeds.
30 roc tv fash 1 325 nbc '30 Rock': Alec Baldwin taking Jack Donaghy's wardrobe with him
Among the more challenging actors for whom to find clothes that fit are Tracy’s (Tracy Morgan) buddies, Grizz and Dot Com (Grizz Chapman, Kevin Brown).
“One is 6-10, and one is 6-8,” Broecker tells Zap2it. “Here is the thing: With this guy, part of the problem — the speed with which the show has to happen, we are at the mercy of what is made by manufacturers. Sometimes we have the luxury of making the crazy stuff. We are at the mercy of the Internet and four stores in New York. Plus-size clothing for men and women is virtually impossible.”

Having been with the show since its pilot, Broecker has accommodated the evolution of characters. “When we started this, they were the backups to Tracy, less noticeable except for their size.”
30 roc tv fash 2 325 nbc '30 Rock': Alec Baldwin taking Jack Donaghy's wardrobe with him
Perhaps no character has funnier clothes than the ever-eager Kenneth (Jack McBrayer). What’s funnier than Kenneth in a denim suit? Kenneth in a three-piece denim suit — without a hint of irony.

Incidentally, this is from Broecker’s personal collection.
“For a while I was collecting just vintage clothing, so I have a tendency if I see something, I will buy it,” he says. “That’s why I don’t have a country house; I have a lot of useful or not useful clothing.”
“The whole idea is they came to me and said, ‘Once Kenneth gets out of the page program he has to start wearing suits because he is becoming an executive.’ But he is a little dated and from an unknown region of the U.S., so the idea is he only has his father’s suits. They all came from his father’s closet — they fit, but they don’t fit. It’s still a little bit of a funky feeling.”
30 roc tv fash 3 325 nbc '30 Rock': Alec Baldwin taking Jack Donaghy's wardrobe with him
Like the other characters, Tracy’s outfits evolved over the years. “Initially he started off, his journey was to be the Russell Simmons, P. Diddy. When he started, he was wearing a lot of the sweatsuits. Eventually I wanted to segue him into hip-hop and rap. He started being much more fashion-conscious, and I?moved him into designer leather jackets.”
30 roc tv fash 4 325 nbc '30 Rock': Alec Baldwin taking Jack Donaghy's wardrobe with him
Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is the “conservative CEO type,” Broecker says. “He is all Zegna or Dunhill. His color palette is pretty limited. For the most part he’s gray and navy, and classic Brooks Brothers shirts.”
“There is a uniformity to CEOs,” he says. “Obama has said you want to be able to not think about it because there are things you have to think about.”
Baldwin likes his sharply tailored clothes, and “he bought all of them” when the show wrapped, Broecker says. “He wrote a big check to NBC. He likes his clothes and wants to look good.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler