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hypable logo square5 4 completely crazy things we need to see on How to Get Away With Murder“How to Get Away With Murder” returns next month (Feb.11), and we are missing the show that put the cra-cra in crazy.


We are all about the histrionics on “How to Get Away With Murder.” The show is routinely plausibly implausible, but we love it. Are people really that cutthroat, screwed up, and yet altruistic at the same time? It’s a hard question to answer some weeks, but it sure makes it more obvious why Shakespeare once wrote in “Henry VI, Part 2,” “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.”

We are simple hooked on the the crazy sauce and can’t get enough. Here’s what we want to see more of before Season 2 wraps in just six more episodes on March 17.

Who is that baby?

In a newly released Shondaland teaser, Annalise is holding a baby on her porch, and she seems terrified. Now, we are not talking non-maternal, “What the hell do I do with a kid?” terror. We are talking life and death type of terror.

Is Annalise holding baby Wes? Is this a legit flashback, or is it a dream sequence? For that matter, is it something on the new timeline once Annalise gets out of the hospital?

More Coliver please

We are all about this ship. Just when Oliver started to bring stability to Connor’s life, and Connor started to get Ollie to loosen up a bit, it all came crashing down.

Annalise is very capable of exploiting Ollie’s puppy-dog willingness to help, and Connor’s guilt. Throw in a wacky Hapstall cousin who may or may not be a murderer, and we have a situation that’s equal to throwing a firecracker at a gas pump.

Oh Mr. Millstone, your straitjacket is here

One of our favorite moments of the last two seasons was watching the oh-so-tightly-wound and self-absorbed Asher Millstone lose it in an epic meltdown that involved the murder of Assistant District Attorney Emily Sinclair.

It’s not so much that Asher ran Emily down in cold-blood that brought on the cra-cra. It’s the fact that he left his car sitting on top of her, frozen in place, chatting with passers by until Bonnie arrived. She then had to play clean up for her totally out of it boy toy. Something tells us that the old Asher is going to be gone. The other students might be able to live with Sam’s murder because they can rationalize that it was self-defense. No chance of that for Asher. No matter how you slice it, in the best case, Asher’s antics were voluntary manslaughter.

Get well soon Annalise

Annalise is a one woman, kiss-my-a**, wrecking crew. She’s unapologetic, and down for winning at all costs as long as she doesn’t get caught. On top of it all, she delusionally thinks she is doing everyone an enormous favor, and that they need her.

Annalise better get well soon and get out of that deathbed because we need her special brand of crazysauce to make season 2 really work.

“How to Get Away With Murder” returns on February 11 for a six-episode run.


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