When last we saw Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), things weren’t looking so good. The “Breaking Bad” baddie was personally attempting to put an end to Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) when an explosion took off the left half of his face. Which typically would spell out the end for a character. But in the topsy-turvy universe of Vince Gilligan, no conclusion is conclusive.

As fans of the series know, the ongoing AMC series “Better Call Saul” is not only a spin-off, but also a prequel. So, people like Fring can get a second life that takes place before what we already saw. And when the Season 2 episode titles seemed to spell out “Fring’s Back,” the Internet started buzzing.

Recently on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” “Saul” star Bob Odenkirk confirmed that Esposito will indeed be appearing on the show. “I’m looking for him,” Odenkirk reveals. “He’s coming back.”

So here are Zap2it’s four reasons we’re excited to see the return of the classic “Breaking Bad” character.

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The dialogue

On certain shows, the writers just seem to up their game for a favorite character. You could always tell that Fring was a favorite of the “Breaking Bad” dialogue creators, and Esposito’s delivery never sold their words short. Since there’s so much overlap with “Saul,” we’re hoping to once again watch scenes with razor-sharp dialogue like the scene below.

The ruthlessness

How often do you watch a TV show or movie, and some supposedly-brilliant character has a moment of weakness that comes back to haunt them? Fring’s main superpower was that he was unwavering in his ruthless conviction to his crimes. Gus has often been ranked among the greatest TV villains of all time, and one reason for that is he was the ultimate match not only for Walter White, but also for anyone else on TV.

Los Pollos Hermanos

There was always something hilarious (and perhaps, true) about the fact that Fring was not only a prominent meth distributor, but also the owner of a chain of fried chicken restaurants. Perhaps “Saul” will give us the chance to explore the early days of his fast food empire.

His odd humor

You never knew whether Gus was joking with you, or about to have you executed. That edginess and unpredictability will be welcomed on “Saul,” as it would on pretty much any TV show. So, maybe we could get Gus on all of them?

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