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Hypable LogoWalt Disney’s very first theme park opened 60 years ago on July 17, 1955. Disneyland was a huge success, and that success went on to spawn even more theme parks around the globe. Today there are a total of 12, soon to be 13, parks in the U.S., China, Japan and Europe.

Several TV shows (real talk: several ABC TV shows) have taken their characters to a Disney theme park for fun, sun and corporate synergy. Although most of them actually went to Walt Disney World, we’re including them because without Disneyland none of the others would be here today.

‘Full House’ – ‘The House Meets the Mouse’

The plot: The Tanner family goes on a vacation to Walt Disney World because Uncle Jesse gets a gig with his band — Jesse and the Rippers — to play at the theme park. Michelle manages to pull the sword from the stone and is selected as the “Princess of the Day,” which ends up going to her head.

‘Boy Meets World’ – ‘The Happiest Show on Earth’

The plot: Topanga wins a trip to Disney World as part of a science competition prize. But since Corey wants to win her back he takes Shawn with him to go and woo Topanga. This all leads to an iconic kiss in front of the EPCOT fountain.

‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’ – ‘Disney World’

The plot: Sabrina and her science class go on a field trip to the Florida parks. Specifically, she goes to Animal Kingdom which had just opened that year. Of course, Sabrina’s magic causes a ruckus and she’s forced to search the park for the plants she needs for a potion to fix the commotion.

‘Roseanne’ – ‘We’re Going to Disney World’

The plot: Just a few months before Corey and Shawn went to Disney World, the entire cast of “Roseanne” took a vacation there. The trip gives them problems because the Connor family isn’t exactly a fully functional group.

‘Modern Family’ – ‘Disneyland’

The plot: The most recent TV show to go to Disney, the cast of “Modern Family” actually went to Disneyland instead of Disney World. In the episode, Dylan is desperately trying to get Haley back, much like Corey’s Disney World mission on “Boy Meets World.” In this caseDylan tries blending in, joining the ranks of the Dapper Dans as well as the park’s costumed characters.

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