brandon johnson red carpet nc 325 '72 Hours' Brandon Johnson: 'My office is a helicopter'

Zap2it: How has it been for you to be on the go and on location with the “72 Hours” contestants?
Brandon Johnson: It’s hard to truly articulate this whole experience. I could say, “This is what one day looked like,” but I think every person involved in this had their own authentic experience. I’ve had moments where I’ve looked down thousands of feet from the edge of a cliff, overlooking the most incredible vista you’d ever imagine. The things I get to see through this, there’s no price tag for them.
My office is a helicopter. I’m landing in destinations most humans will never set foot in unless they’re on a show like this. There’s a lot of gratitude for me in this, and a lot of humility, too. You’re right in the thick of nature, and it’s very primal at times. Many things that are deep in our DNA start to kick in. It can drive people to do pretty intense things.
Q: As an actor, you did a stint on “One Life to Live.” Would you ever go back for its current online revival?
A: Ironically, the casting director who really gave me the opportunity is in Los Angeles now, but I haven’t had a chance to get back there. My schedule has been crazy with doing “72 Hours,” and I was shooting another show for HGTV in Florida, then I was doing [Disney Channel’s] “Shake It Up” and a couple of pilots.
If they were trying to do any recasting [for the soap], I was sort of out of the whole loop on that, but I certainly wish them all the best.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin