A Gift Wrapped Christmas

Thanksgiving has been over for two days: it’s officially the Christmas season. And now that the countdown to the holiday has begun, it means plenty of Lifetime original movies will be trying to convey the true meaning of Christmas in a short 95 minutes. And the network’s “A Gift Wrapped Christmas” has a slightly unconventional interpretation of the holiday.

Because “A Gift Wrapped Christmas” managed to focus in on one of the most frequently frustrating aspects of celebrating the holiday: shopping for Christmas gifts. Gwen (Meredith Hagner) is the perfect personal shopper, and she manages to always find exactly what her clients need.

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Of course over the course of “A Gift Wrapped Christmas,” Gwen learns how to not just buy the perfect thing, but look for love. But when the

Don’t just buy people mugs.

When Charlie (Travis Milne), Gwen’s big client, is first introduced, he’s immediately pegged as a lousy gift-giver because he’s given his assistant mugs for every occasion. And she’s not into coffee. Major Christmas shopping foul.

Don’t ruin the office Christmas party by being a Grinch.

Charlie’s cartoonishly evil girlfriend’s biggest crimes are asking Gwen to buy her an engagement ring on Charlie’s behalf and forcing his son to eat a “Waygu burger with wasabi foam” for dinner. But she also brings the office Christmas party to an awkward halt when she cheats at a carol-guessing game. Seriously, could there be anything less in the Christmas spirit than that?

“Sweater parties are very in.”

That’s just good advice. Who hasn’t gone to a sweater party lately?

Get that shopping done ahead of time.

When Charlie forgets to bring his son’s special toboggan to the cabin where they’re spending the holiday, Gwen is forced to take an epic nine-hour journey to deliver it — very familiar to anyone who’s had to do last-minute traveling or wrapping around the holiday season.

The right gift can literally make two people fall in love.

Okay, maybe that’s only true in a Lifetime movie, not in real life. But it sure seems like getting Charlie the perfect pair of cufflinks helped Gwen’s chances of falling in love at the end of “A Gift Wrapped Christmas.”

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins