dean winchester sam winchester jensen ackles jared padelecki supernatural gifts A 'Supernatural' Christmas Guide: gifts, eggnog, and that one episode that always makes you cry

Are the holidays feeling a little less bright without the Winchester brothers? Don’t worry, just because “Supernatural” is on hiatus until January doesn’t mean that you can make your holiday season a bit more hunterific. 

If you rush deliver there’s still time to get these under the tree, or save them for a post-Christmas treat. Sam and Dean would approve of keeping the party going. The list is endless in the “Supernatural” Etsy tag but Zap2it picked out a few really cool essentials. 
Is jewelry your thing? Check out the Castiel grace necklace which is handmade and helps you keep track of your own grace count. For those on the go, a Dean inspired keychain that reads “Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole” could do very nicely. It even comes with a small cassette charm to help you kick it old school while jamming out to “Carry On My Wayward Son” in your “baby.” 
For the creative types there’s the Journal of John Winchester for all of your monster tracking needs. The “Supernatural” coloring book is also pretty sweet — color in vampires and angels to your heart’s content! 
Of course no holiday merchandise guide is complete without an ugly holiday sweater, and this one is pretty tops. 
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Eggnog & Pie

It is not a Winchester holiday without eggnog and, of course, pie. In “A Very Supernatural Christmas” Jared Padalecki spiked the eggnog Sam gives Dean before their gas station Christmas. So Dean’s face when he takes the first sip is not acting, but Jensen Ackles reacting to the amount of booze Jared tipped in before they started filming. 
Want your own eggnog to celebrate? It’s actually not that hard to whip up. However, “The Chew’s” Clinton Kelly has one of the best recipes for the adult version of the holiday classic drink. 
On the dessert side of the spectrum, the ladies of 3 Chic Geeks created a “Dean Winchester approved” berry pie — and it looks mighty tasty. (Note: While looking for “Supernatural” inspired recipes, Zap2it also found Things Dean Winchester Eats, and think it should be bookmarked immediately for the foodie in everyone). 

“A Very Supernatural Christmas” 
Back in simpler times in the “Supernatural” fandom — Season 3 to be exact — Dean had one year left before he would be sent to hell. Knowing it’s going to be his last holiday season he wants to celebrate the holiday with his brother, but the idea is too hard for Sam. 
Most of the episode is spent in flashbacks with the boys reliving Christmases past, including Sam first finding out about their family’s hunter lineage. The memories cultivate in Sam’s change of heart about celebrating with his brother, creating one of the most touching moments in “Supernatural” history. 
Check out the promo below — or relive the whole episode available on Netflix (Season 3, episode 8). 

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