marvel studios logo ABC is developing a second Marvel comedy series

ABC is betting on humor being the next big wave for Marvel TV projects. The network is already developing “Damage Control” — a half-hour sitcom set in the Marvel universe. Now IGN has learned that the network has yet another comedy in the works.

According to ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee, there’s a second comedy series in development, but it’s simply too early to talk details about it. As for “Damage Control,” he reveals, “That’s the one that’s going to be coming out this season. I haven’t read it yet. I can’t wait to see it. We hope it’s going to be great.”

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The future of Marvel on TV seems bright at ABC and Lee says these aren’t necessarily the only two comedies you see being developed on the network.

“We definitely want to do Marvel comedies as well as dramas and of course, as you know, we supply lots of dramas to Netflix,” he explains. “Our job is to make great television. We pick up the best scripts we can, we put in the best casts. Our job is to make great TV.”

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