daniel radcliffe emma watson 7 part 1 wb ABC Family's '25 Days of Christmas' has finally axed 'Harry Potter'
On Monday (Oct. 13), ABC Family released its “25 Days of Christmas” TV schedule for the 2014 holiday season, and, surprisingly, it doesn’t include any “Harry Potter” movies.

Now, some people might be thinking, “Well, that makes sense. Why would the ‘Harry Potter’ films be included in a Christmas special in the first place?” — and those people would be backed by logic. However, in past years, ABC Family has made it a habit to include the wizardly flicks in its holiday lineup.

This year, it seems as if the network has finally come to the conclusion that, even though “Harry Potter” reigns supreme, short Christmas scenes with snow in them do not make a movie a “holiday movie.”

The network also made other changes, including eliminating a number of non-Christmas related Pixar films — yes, “Cars 2” is nowhere to be seen — from the schedule, leaving room for more cheery classics. Of course, some head-scratchers, like “The Little Mermaid,” still made it onto the lineup, which you can see below.

Do you think it was a good move to axe the “Harry Potter” films from the schedule? Sound off below.

Posted by:Casey Rackham