ioan gruffudd eric mccormack forever perception TV Query: Why were ABCs Forever and TNTs Perception canceled?

Question: Please tell me why the TV series “Forever” and “Perception” went off the air, especially “Forever.” And I can’t even get the first series on DVD. I always looked forward to these shows. I know it’s the critics and the public that make the decisions but I would like an explanation.

While critics and the public have a say in shows’ survival, neither has the final say. That’s left to the people who put the shows on the air and, in some cases, the people who make them. (In the latter case, for instance, some stars and producers simply decide enough is enough.)

And the network executives have an array of factors to consider, including not only how many people are watching but also whether those people will appeal to advertisers, what it is paying for the show, how it fits with the overall style of a network or with other programs, and whether the network itself owns a piece of the show. It may also be looking at the age of the show, and whether it’s time to put something new in its place.

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As for “Forever,” while its fans were enthusiastic and the storytelling improved as the series went along, the ratings were what one report called modest by ABC’s standards. It ranked around 77th among all network shows in average viewing (a bit higher when you count DVR numbers) and even lower among viewers 18 to 49 years old. Even star Ioan Gruffudd conceded the numbers “hadn’t been great.” The studio, Warner Bros., did search for a new TV home for the series but so far, nothing’s come of it.

But regarding a DVD, reported there’s a chance of a complete-season set with deleted scenes before Christmas.

TNT dropped “Perception” after three seasons even though the ratings were OK because, one executive told Deadline, TNT is moving toward edgier programming.

Posted by:Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal