david muir abc world news now abc 'ABC World News Tonight With David Muir': New anchor stays on 'same journey' with viewers
Zap2it: What do you say about still wanting to get out from behind the desk and into the field as you anchor “ABC World News Tonight With David Muir” weeknights?
David Muir: I think the way viewers have gotten to know me is by watching me interact with people all over this country … and, really, across the world.
I’ve parachuted into many trouble spots, and you cannot pretend that you care. The camera does not lie, and I think the relationship I’ve built is one that [the audience] is going to expect to continue to see. I plan to be on that same journey I’ve been on with them all along.
Zap2it: How hectic do you envision Fridays being, since you also continue to co-anchor “20/20” that night?
David Muir: I think it’s a huge opportunity to do longform reporting on “20/20” and bring some of that to “World News Tonight.” I think that’s one of the great things about ABC News as an organization right now.
You would hear old-school stories about shows competing with each other, and you don’t see that anymore. You see every show celebrating the next one up, and I think that’s really important for a successful news division.
Zap2it: Do you enjoy using reporters from local affiliates on “ABC World News Tonight” as much as you appear to?
David Muir: I learned the ropes in upstate New York and then in Boston, and I know how connected audiences become to their local [newscasters]. I think it’s really important on the network news that we don’t forget that.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin