If you’ve been looking for a way to improve upon greatness — or wildly egotistical ranting — this might be the answer. What happens when you take the lyrics of Kanye West and have them dramatically ready by legendary “Batman” star Adam West?

That’s something director Kevin Smith and comedian Ralph Garman decided to find out when they got a pilot for an AMC talk show that never went to series. While the single episode of TV is likely buried forever, a chunk of it has surfaced thanks to the two would-be hosts, who revealed it during their “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast.

In the short clip, the actor takes center stage under dramatic lighting as he reads the lyrics to the rapper’s single “Bound 2.” You may remember that as the weird song with the video where Kim Kardashian and Kanye ride and sort of have sex on a motorcycle.

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That’s doesn’t ring a bell? Perhaps this GIF will help jog your memory.

Image (5) bound-2-kim-kanye-sex.gif for post 141396

Oh Kanye, this version of you was bizarre but way more fun than the Twitter ranter you’ve become.

It’s hard to deny that Adam West brings a certain something to Kanye’s lyrics. Now if only they’d remake the video with him and Burt Ward (Robin), riding the Bat-cycle en route to save the day in Gotham City. On second thought, that sounds really creepy.

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