Adele not nominated for 2016 Grammys

Adele returned to the 58th annual Grammy Awards for the first time in four years to perform “All I Ask ” from her latest record-breaking album “25,” and whoever was in charge of of the sound system is about to get fired. How can you mess up one of the most highly-anticipated performances of the night? Epic fail.

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The 27-year-old handled it like a professional and kept singing her heart out, but it was noticeable in her eyes that she was thinking “you have got to be kidding me” as her mic faltered during what is the biggest live musical awards show of the year.

First her mic wouldn’t go at full volume, and then a few seconds later, the sound reached a volume that just blasted in everyone’s ears. Apologies are definitely in order.

Adele, please let this mean you won’t perform next year at the 59th annual Grammys when everything from “25” will most likely sweep every major honor.

After the unfortunate less than stellar performance that sent social media buzzing, Adele took to Twitter to explain what happened, “The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. S*** happens. X”

Now, it’s also been made clear that whoever set up the microphones near the piano will probably not have a job come morning.



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