amy acker agents of shield abc 'Agents of SHIELD': Amy Acker wants to return for scenes with Clark Gregg

Amy Acker only made one appearance on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” but it made an impact. The former “Angel” and “Dollhouse” star played Audrey the cellist, the love interest of Clark Gregg’s Phil Coulson. Since last she knew Coulson was dead, Audrey never got to reunite with her former boyfriend. But Acker wants to change that.
Speaking to Zap2it about her role as Root on “Person of Interest,” Acker also expresses interest in reprising her role on “Agents of SHIELD.” “I would love to be back on there,” she says. “I feel like since I didn’t actually get to talk to Clark in any of the scenes I had, I’m hoping that there’s some world where Audrey and Phil get to meet again and have real scenes together.”
This isn’t the first time Acker has stated her desire to return to the show as Audrey. After all, it would mean a chance to get to get to work with many people she’s friends with in real life. 
“I always feel like that’s definitely part of my family, any sort of Whedonverse thing,” Acker says. “I have so many friends, anytime I turn on an episode someone I know and love wrote it or is in it or something, so it’s always fun to watch. Of course I would love love to go back.”
Acker hasn’t kept up with the show as much as she wants, but what she has seen has impressed her. “It seems like we’re always shooting [‘Person of Interest’] at that time, but I was just on an airplane and got to watch a bunch of episodes. I think it’s so good this year,” she says. “I’m really liking it.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz